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Our Facilities and Service Area:

What started out as a single shop has now been enlarged to offer visitors a showroom, as well as the new rear shop addition, that houses the engine manufacturing department & equipment

The showroom area located at the front of the building and also contains our fully stocked parts department, fast ordering and product shipping areas. We have the equipment to do any type of machine service you need as well.

Typical Machine Service Pricing:
Machine Cyl Head $20.00
Machine Mod Head $30.00
Deck Cyl. $15.00
Deck Cyl. (Bottom & Top of Cylinder) $25.00
Cylinder Bore $25.00
Align Bore & Hone Cyl. $35.00
Hone Cyl. $10.00
Port & Polish $40.00
Stock Carb (yours) machined & flowed $95.00
Tillotson Carb (yours) machined & flowed $150.00
Tillotson Carb Rebuild (parts extra) $25.00
Install Valve guide (guide extra) $5.00
Change Valve Seat (plus seat) $10.00
Install Valve Seat (seat extra) $10.00
Weld Lifters Bores $25.00
Relieve Valve Chambers (for springs) $5.00
Machined Valve Seats (per seat) $7.50
Machine and Flow Carb (plus carb) $85.00
Complete Machine Work, Build and Dyno $400.00

Typical Tire Cutting Prices:
Complete Set HT3'S - $350
If Customer supplies wheels- $240
HT3 800 Mounted Cut Balanced- $105
HT3 600 Mounted - $80
HT3 450 Mounted - $72
Mount Tire- $5
Cut Tire- $20
Balance Tire- $5
Complete Set Burris' - $405
If Customer supplies wheels - $295
Burris 810 Mounted Cut Balanced- $105
Burris 600 Mounted Cut Balanced - $102
Burris 500 Mounted Cut Balanced - $100
TMRE Service Offerings:
Machine Services:
Utilizing the latest in technology and quality machinery we machine and manufacturer each of our racing engines to exacting standards. We utilize the latest tooling that allows us to do those critical machine operations that today's engines need to make the best horsepower for our racers.

With many Championship winning seasons under our belts, you can be assured that our experience and our craftsmanship goes into everything we do, whether we are building you a complete race engine or just machining your critical engine components for you.

Tire Cutting:
Racing regularly ourselves allows us to know how to cut and balance your tires and wheels, for different track and weather conditions.

Chassis Setup:
We can not only sell you a PRC chassis, we can also assemble and set it up for you and have it adjusted and scaled ready to go racing.

Shop hours: Monday... 8:00-5:30 Thursday... 8:00-5:30 Friday 8:00-3:00

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